The blizzard is in full swing outside, lucky for me I was able to head home early. Besides the annoyance of my wifi not working and my inability to log in to work, I am cozily sitting on the couch, side by side with Mike (who was able to log in and work), awaiting my Texas Rotisserie, drinking Teavana. It’s days like today that I heavily fantasize about all things warm and sunny. Today’s dream surrounds the Jersey Shore, which due to Mike and his family, I have been able to spend much time with, and thus, fallen in love.

A big part of this has to do with how much it resembles Florida for me. Right now I want to be sitting on the sand in Mantoloking with Mike, reading a book and soaking up the rays. Maybe after we will go to Tiki Bar bar for a drink or better yet, Mike will grill his amazing chicken wings! Ahhh, the summer, I can feel it coming already.