Saying I have been really inactive lately is an understatement. February 15th I decided to enter the wonderful world of Public Accounting once again. Which to say, has had me tied up lately, isn’t quite covering it. Work life balance has completely gone down the drain. I moved out of Manhattan and in to my boyfriends Parents house down the Jersey Shore for the summer so I’m now commuting 1.5 hours each way, and I’m “trying” to train for a half marathon. Busy just doesn’t quite cover it. How was I to find time to blog on top of all that? Then it hit me. 3 minutes ago. I have 3 hours a day where my only option is to sit here and play with my phone. Lightbulb. Built in blogging time. So here’s to hearing a lot more from me soon! Cheers 🙂 (quote source)