About Brooklyn Heitz

cropped-me.jpgMy name is Brittany and I am the creator of Brooklyn Heitz – a life & style blog. I am a Floridian who has been living in the busy city of New York for 7 years and just started my new adventure of living in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, i.e. the Jersey Shore. I desperately miss the year long sunshine and warmth but am addicted to the grandeur of the city life. I have a fairly diverse educational background consisting of a degree in accounting from the University of South Florida and a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in fashion design. Through all of this, I some how found my way into the consuming world of hedge funds. I spend my days as a fund accountant for a fund in Manhattan. Fashion, beautiful things, sunshine, sand, paleo, fitness, Michael (the boyfriend), Charlie (the dog), Greenpoint, the Jersey Shore…just a few of the words that inspire my posts. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope that some of the things that inspire me will also inspire you! Thank you for joining me on this journey through life – Happy reading.

4 thoughts on “About Brooklyn Heitz”

  1. Hey, Brittany. This is Don. May not remember me. Don Fickey Just saw you on here, and you’re as beautiful as ever. I’m impressed. talked to Jack the other day about termites, and he told me your mom and Heidi were coming up to see you this weekend.
    Melissa’s doing real well, and told me to tell you hi.
    Like to hear from you sometime.
    Luv ya, Don


    • Hi Don, sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been awhile since I looked at my blog because I have been so busy with work. Tell Melissa I said hi as well! How are you doing??


      • Everythings going great here. Think of you often, and was excited to see the pictures of you on here, and learn what little can be learned from a cite as this. Melissa is doing real well. Has her practice in Brandon, near the intersection of Bloomingdale and 301. Sounds like your really liking it up there. Hope life’s treating you well. You deserve it.
        I’m not sure if these emails are just between you and me, or if anyone who visits your cite can see them. Your dog is really cute. I’ve wondered if Lucy is still alive. I had to put my dog Peco down about a year and a half ago. That was terrible. Now have a small Maltese. She’s great too.
        Well, hope to talk to you again soon.
        Luv, Don


      • Hi Don, happy to hear everything is going well! So great for Melissa! I love it up here and have a great job and great boyfriend. My dog Charlie is the best! Lucy is still alive and doing good. I’m sorry to hear about Peco. These posts are on my site, I do not believe they are private but there might be a way to email me privately through the site. Tell Melissa I say hi! Have a good day!


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