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I have spent massive amounts of money on beauty products as I am sure most women would confess likewise. I have purchased face creams upwards of $100 and as little as $5. I have experimented with tons of name brands and store brands. Therefore, I would love to share with you my top 10 favorite beauty products which I can’t live without at the moment. Staring from the left, here goes:

  1. Marrakesh X dreamsicle leave in conditioner. I use this every time I was my hair. Once I have towel dried my hair, I spray this in liberally. My hair is a knot magnet. This is the best product I have found thus far to assist in combing out the knots and it smells great! http://www.houseofbeautyworld.com/maxdrletrbye.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=maxdrletrbye&utm_campaign=bing_mc#
  2. I have many favorite products from Sabon but have only featured two of them here. The first is the fabric mist in Linen scent. http://www.sabonnyc.com/fabric-mist.html. My current apartment lacks what I feel is a necessity in life, a washer and dryer. Due to the fact that I live on the fourth floor, and the high price of wash and fold in NYC, I don’t wash my clothes as often as I would prefer. I use this spray so often! I spray it on something I have worn once or twice already, and it smells fresh and ready to go! I also use this product as an air freshener. This is my preferred scent, but Sabon has many wonderfully scented options.
  3. I have been using Origin’s Clear Improvement charcoal face mask for years. Origin’s is another company along with Sabon of which I am a very loyal customer. This is the only face mask that I have consistently used and have seen results with. If I ever notice that I have more blackheads than usual or a pimple that is taking longer than normal to heal, I use this mask and it definitely improves the look of my pores and speeds up the pimple healing process. http://www.origins.com/product/3857/11588/Skincare/Daily-Essentials/Masks/Clear-Improvement/Active-charcoal-mask-to-clear-pores/index.tmpl
  4. Carrot moisturizing face cream from Sabon http://www.sabonnyc.com/moisture-lotion-3.html. I am so addicted to this product! I spend alot of time walking in the cold,winter elements in this city, and it definitely takes a number on my skin. This is the only moisturizer which I have found that successfully keeps my face from looking like the desert floor, and it smells so good!
  5. Johnson’s Baby Bubble Bath & Wash “Help baby sleep better” & what’s good for baby is good for everyone. I am a huge fan of baby products. I have been blessed with extremely sensitive skin. I remember going on vacation as a child and using the hotel bar soap, my eye swelled up and itched like you wouldn’t believe. I’m very careful about types of soaps I use on my skin. This is one of my favorite for many reasons. It smells amazing and relaxes me instantly. It makes the perfect bubbles if used to draw a bath. It is gentle on my skin. http://www.johnsonsbaby.com/bubble-bath/johnsons-bedtime-baby-bubble-bath-and-wash
  6. Pond’s Cucumber Cleanser. This is a new find for me. I am typically a Neutrogena or St. Ives girl, however, this winter is just doing a number on my face. This cleanser goes on so smoothly and moisturizes while it cleans and clears makeup. And of course, it smells great, because I don’t use anything that doesn’t! http://www.ponds.com/product/detail/95879/cucumber-cleanser-makeup-remover
  7. GinZing refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff the eyes. God gifted me with nice big dark circles under my eyes that nothing can truly hide or solve. I have tried every product and every technique (stay tuned for a follow up post of my favorite makeup which will include the under eye concealer I find to be the best). This eye cream helps to prevent wrinkles and reduces my circles slightly. I use it morning and night and it provides it’s best results when kept cold in the fridge.http://www.origins.com/product/3855/11641/Skincare/Daily-Essentials/Eye-Care/GinZing/Refreshing-eye-cream-to-brighten-and-depuff/index.tmpl
  8. Yet another Origin’s product – Well Off. http://www.origins.com/product/3853/11141/Skincare/Daily-Essentials/Cleansers/Well-Off/Fast-and-gentle-eye-makeup-remover/index.tmpl. No matter how good the face cleanser it always fails to remove all of my eye makeup. This product is great, removes all of my makeup and leaves my eye feeling fresh.
  9. Dos Son by Diptyque has been my favorite perfume for a few years now. Smelling of “tuberose, orange leaves, pink peppercorns and musk” (which quite frankly sounds awful to me) Dos Son reminds me of the magnolia tree that once grew in my grandparent’s yard. It’s fresh, feminine, elegant and never grows old. http://www.diptyqueparis.com/do-son-edt.html
  10. Last but not least and probably the most versatile of all the products I have named is the recently famous coconut oil. About a year ago almost to the day, I was traveling to meet my family in Miami and was suffering from pretty severe dry skin. I had tried everything and was in agony over the crackling, splitting and bleeding skin. Okay, so that might be a little dramatic, but the winter temps really take a toll. My mom brought me a tub of Whole Foods 365 brand coconut oil. Lucky for me, I love the smell of coconut, it reminds me of the beach and I will jump at any opportunity to be reminded of my favorite place. I now use it almost daily and it’s my best cure for dry skin. I also cook with it (I keep a separate container from the one that I use on my body in the pantry for cooking). For more ways to use coconut oil check out this article of 101 ways http://wellnessmama.com/5734/101-uses-for-coconut-oil/

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