I love wine and everyone knows it. I enjoy a glass just about every night. I am preferential to red, but experiment with lighter wines in the summer on really warm days. This past November my boyfriend’s family planned a long weekend in Atlantic City. My one request was to visit a winery. Here is where we discovered Renault Winery. http://www.renaultwinery.com/winery/?page=our-winery.php located in Egg Harbor City, NJ. Learning about the winery was incredible interesting. It is over a century and a half old and at one point Nucky Thompson (Johnson in real life) financed it’s continuance through prohibition by selling Tonics. The winery is known for it’s blueberry champagne, made with fresh blueberry juice. I must say, it is delicious! However, the champagne is not my favorite take away from this charming place. My heart belongs to Cynthiana. They describe this wine to have a plum licorice flavor and it is French oaked. My typical price point when buying a bottle of wine is more than $10 but less than $15. If I am feeling crazy, or it is a special occasion, I might spend up to $20. I do feel that the pricier the wine, the better taste, but when I am drinking alone, which usually on weeknights I am, I do not care, for all intensive purposes, wine will be wine. Cynthiana is the most expensive wine I have purchased at a large price of $34.99 http://www.renaultwinery.com/shop/. I have been to wineries in Greece, and enjoyed many wines with the Romans in Italy and the Cynthiana hands down takes the cake. Quite a surprise that I would find my favorite thus far in NJ, so close to home! Renault does not produce at large and only sells their wine directly from the winery or via their website. This just makes it that much more special. Photo above is my Cynthiana stocking stuffer from Mike, which I plan to open on a special night. If you ever venture towards Atlantic City, I highly suggest dropping by Renault, playing a round of golf, and picking up some blueberry bubbly and Cynthiana!