I hate waking up for work but most of all, I hate doing my hair for work. I have long hair which unfortunately for us long haired girls, takes effort to maintain. I’ll admit, some days I do a pony tail or a top knot which takes even less than 5 minutes and is what happens when I’m feeling REALLY lazy. The only planning this takes is washing and air drying your hair the night before. I have gotten so lazy that I even go to bed with it wet. I wake up to sometimes it either being fully dry or still damp but either way works! I take a blow dryer to my bangs and the hairs just around my face. This should take 30 seconds or under. Just so that it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, even though you did. Then I pull out and plug in my magic wand. This little tool is the best investment I made when it comes to my hair. It can take getting use to the first couple of times but you will become a pro in no time! There are also tons of tutorials on Pinterest if you need some guidance! You can really do so many styles with this wand. You can do ringlets, tight curls, loose curls, only curl the bottom, or waves. I usually go with normal loose curls with larger sections of hair because it’s the fastest. I honestly only put about 4 minutes in to this process. I put the wand at it’s highest setting and then haphazardly pick pieces to curl. It only needs to set a few seconds. Sometimes I hairspray at the end and sometimes I don’t, it really depends what I want my curls to look like, perfectly curled or a little tossled. If I do use hairspray, I always flip my head upside down and then spray to add volume. There you have it, perfect hair in 5 minutes! You’re welcome 🙂


Blogged while watching shark tank and eating chicken noodle soup.