Sleeping has been a difficult task for me lately, which historically is rarely an issue. In fact, I have always prided myself on being able to fall asleep just about anywhere and everywhere. There are many factors contributing to my lack of sleep these days, some of which I can not change for the time being. I have gotten so sensitive about my lack of sleep, that if Mike happens to accidentally wake me up, I get angry, an unfair and unwarranted angry. Usually I would easily and swiftly fall back asleep. But right now, being awoken, after how long it took to fall asleep, is detrimental. I of course apologize, as it is the lack of sleep talking, not actually me! I have tried several things: a noise machine, a dehumidifier, getting in bed a couple hours before I actually have to sleep, wine, night time cold medicine, and just being exhausted. I am at a point where I feel like I have forgotten how to fall asleep. Maybe I need to re-learn.Today I browsed the internet for “can’t sleep help” the exhaustion even kept me from typing in a good google search. Most things I found I was already aware of. One being counting sheep, which I WILL be doing tonight. The most interesting of my research was the concept that too much protein, late at night, keeps you awake. Well there you go. I eat Paleo, and by the time I get off work and get home from the gym, it’s almost bed time when I have dinner. Here is one of the articles I read about the topic: http://www.livestrong.com/article/423778-does-too-much-protein-fats-keep-you-awake/. If this is true, I have been planning my daily meals completely backwards. I eat vegetarian meals for lunch and have my main protein at dinner. Well this has inspired me, and quite frankly, I would try just about anything to sleep, so tomorrow, I will flip these meals. I will eat my high protein meal for lunch and my vegetarian meal for dinner and see how my night goes. For tonight, I will just have to stick with counting sheep and blessing. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can learn to sleep again, please share!

Blogged while drinking bedtime team and wrapped in my lavender scented heat pad.