I’ve had a week off before starting busy season full fledge. In a matter of days I will be working around the clock through the end of April. My one major task this week was to find a solution for Charlie, since I can not be there for him like I want, he needs some type of supplemental energy release. Daycare is financially not feasible. I have had good experiences with dog walkers in the past and was planning to go this route again, but finding someone who you trust with your beloved tiny guy and coming into your home is quite a daunting task! I discovered this amazing program (based a blocked away from me coincidentally) and have my fingers crossed that it will work out as beautifully as it sounds. The program is a trained runner takes your pup on a run (length per day and times per week up to your discretion). We are going to start with twice a week for 30 minutes. Charlie is going to LoVE this. We are meeting his athlete today in hopes that he starts the program on Monday. I’m so excited for him!