As 2015 comes to a close, I’ve been trying to think about the things I want to accomplish in 2016.

  • Buy an easel and begin working on my Sir Charles series of portraits of which I’ve been keeping in my mind for some time.
  • Follow my training schedule for my upcoming half marathon (NOLA) more rigidly in hopes of decreasing my time to under 2 hours.
  • Stop planning and learn to let go of the need to control everything.
  • Purchase a car.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t stress the little things, live for today, not tomorrow.
  • Continue eating healthy with the “food is only fuel” mentality.
  • Don’t be hard on myself if I miss a day of running,  have a cheat day, or something doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Be kind.

Mostly, I want to live life and love life. Stop worrying about the day to day grind and enjoy every minute by finding ways to make the grind fun.

~ Blogged while snuggling with Charlie ~

Here is the link to purchase the above print: