I, Brittany Heitz, promise the following starting Monday, November 9th:

  • To give up cheese, grains and popcorn during the week.
  • To limit all sugar intake to natural sugars, dark chocolate and red wine.
  • To allow myself whole grains, popcorn and cheese on the weekend but all other lifestyle choices hold constant, i.e. cheat meals are pretty much off the table.
  • To not buy myself anything other than a necessity, food or wine until Dec 1st.

I can honestly say since my last year in high school, when I first started working in a restaurant and realized what made certain foods bad, I’ve consistently maintained a healthy diet. I ate predominantly vegetarian for the majority of my time spent living in Manhattan, until I joined a crossfit gym, at which point I switched to Paleo. I admit though that I follow my version of paleo, because there are just some things that are too difficult and too much of a sacrifice to do. I have been stretching it lately though, abusing popcorn, cheese and weekend cheat meals. I get home from a long day of commuting, working, and going to the gym and just want to unwind by putting something tasty in my mouth. I’m starting to see how this new routine I’ve developed is hurting me. I’ve said many times that I’m giving it up but telling myself obviously hasn’t proved successful. My workout regimen is about to kick it up a notch so there is no better time to buckle down and get serious. Therefore, I’m putting it in writing. In order to achieve the level of fitness I desire, I also must be mentally strong in every way. Mind over matter when it comes to spending my money is also something I’m struggling with lately, and therefore belongs in my goal list above. So cheers to the path of a stronger me and hopes that blogging my commitments will help to keep me accountable. Bring on the results baby!

Blogged while attempting to fall asleep early.