Saying I have been really inactive lately is an understatement. February 15th I decided to enter the wonderful world of Public Accounting once again. Which to say, has had me tied up lately, isn’t quite covering it. Work life balance has completely gone down the drain. I moved out of Manhattan and in to my boyfriends Parents house down the Jersey Shore for the summer so I’m now commuting 1.5 hours each way, and I’m “trying” to train for a half marathon. Busy just doesn’t quite cover it. How was I to find time to blog on top of all that? Then it hit me. 3 minutes ago. I have 3 hours a day where my only option is to sit here and play with my phone. Lightbulb. Built in blogging time. So here’s to hearing a lot more from me soon! Cheers 🙂

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Paleo chocolate banana bread

Made this receipe from Bakerita twice in one week and it’s amazing!

Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread

Spoiled Charles gets his own Athlete


I’ve had a week off before starting busy season full fledge. In a matter of days I will be working around the clock through the end of April. My one major task this week was to find a solution for Charlie, since I can not be there for him like I want, he needs some type of supplemental energy release. Daycare is financially not feasible. I have had good experiences with dog walkers in the past and was planning to go this route again, but finding someone who you trust with your beloved tiny guy and coming into your home is quite a daunting task! I discovered this amazing program (based a blocked away from me coincidentally) and have my fingers crossed that it will work out as beautifully as it sounds. The program is a trained runner takes your pup on a run (length per day and times per week up to your discretion). We are going to start with twice a week for 30 minutes. Charlie is going to LoVE this. We are meeting his athlete today in hopes that he starts the program on Monday. I’m so excited for him!


A Week’s Worth of Rest

I was fortunate enough to have this week off, which originally I was hoping to use to go to Florida to visit my family, but realized I really should learn how to relax. Therefore, I took the week off, with plans of laying in bed all day only to get up to eat, walk charlie and go to the gym. Continue reading

Happier Than a Camel on Wednesday

In the spirit of Wednesday, and the assumption that like me, many need a mid-week pick-me up, I felt it was time to share my favorite commercial. Note that I am not advertising here, but they do deserve a lot of credit for this guy.

Run Britt Run



I’ve been interval training at least 3 days a week and recently started suffering from what I believe to be shin splits. I figured it might be time to buy new running shoes. Of course I turn to my reliable and beloved Nike. Lucky for me I work across the street from Niketown in NYC. I picked up these gems today and can’t wait to run in them tomorrow! Gotta put the tailwinds to the test. Fingers crossed my shins heal quickly because I refuse to take time off and lose progress. The good think about Nike is they give you 30 days to wear them and try them out and you can exchange them if they aren’t a good fit.