When Things Get You Down

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And Jax remains undefeated… #goatgames

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these Goats pick me up! It’s been a long day. I had to work late and miss the gym, my health insurance crooked me out of $260 (which I will fight relentlessly), and I accidentally selected baked potato on my seamless order instead of baked beans. To say I was cranky is an understatement…but then, these goats! Not only are they named after one of my top shows, but they are so darn cute. Thanks #Goatsofanarchy!

Valentine’s Day Dresses


FP Dress 1FP Dress 2 FP Dress 3

FP dress 6FP Dress 8FP dress 4

FP Dress 5 FP Dress 7FP Dress 9

I love dresses, but it’s very difficult to find dresses that I like. My usual go to stores to hunt for a dress are Alice and Olivia, Club Monaco, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie. Today, I decided to check out http://www.freepeople.com and found dress heaven! They have so many beautiful dresses and it took me close to an hour to get through them all. I picked my 9 favorite dresses above which would all be perfect for Valentine’s day. The fact that I had to limit myself to 9 favorites speaks volumes for their selection, because it is rare for me to find just 1 that I like. Happy Valentine’s day shopping!


What Greenpointers Do

Had to share! Love it.

Blizzardly Monday Dreaming


The blizzard is in full swing outside, lucky for me I was able to head home early. Besides the annoyance of my wifi not working and my inability to log in to work, I am cozily sitting on the couch, side by side with Mike (who was able to log in and work), awaiting my Texas Rotisserie, drinking Teavana. It’s days like today that I heavily fantasize about all things warm and sunny. Today’s dream surrounds the Jersey Shore, which due to Mike and his family, I have been able to spend much time with, and thus, fallen in love.

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Inspiration for the day about Love


Valentines 1 Valentines 6Valentines 4

Valentines 3  Valentines 5Valentines 7

I know it’s not until next month, but I LOVE the colors that represent love. Spoken from a true girly girl. Don’t forget to check out my pinterest board “Red” to see the links for above.

BH blogged while tearing up from watching the Sex and the City Movie

Learning How to Sleep


Sleeping has been a difficult task for me lately, which historically is rarely an issue. In fact, I have always prided myself on being able to fall asleep just about anywhere and everywhere. There are many factors contributing to my lack of sleep these days, some of which I can not change for the time being. I have gotten so sensitive about my lack of sleep, that if Mike happens to accidentally wake me up, I get angry, an unfair and unwarranted angry. Usually I would easily and swiftly fall back asleep. But right now, being awoken, after how long it took to fall asleep, is detrimental. I of course apologize, as it is the lack of sleep talking, not actually me! I have tried several things: a noise machine, a dehumidifier, getting in bed a couple hours before I actually have to sleep, wine, night time cold medicine, and just being exhausted. I am at a point where I feel like I have forgotten how to fall asleep. Maybe I need to re-learn. Continue reading

5 Minute Perfect Hair


I hate waking up for work but most of all, I hate doing my hair for work. I have long hair which unfortunately for us long haired girls, takes effort to maintain. I’ll admit, some days I do a pony tail or a top knot which takes even less than 5 minutes and is what happens when I’m feeling REALLY lazy. The only planning this takes is washing and air drying your hair the night before. I have gotten so lazy that I even go to bed with it wet. I wake up to sometimes it either being fully dry or still damp but either way works! I take a blow dryer to my bangs and the hairs just around my face. Continue reading

Nanna the Beautiful


Around this time every winter I begin to heavily fantasize about summer. While browsing through my photo roll searching for anything summer related I came across this gem! My Nanna is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her ability to always be so positive, poised and full of wisdom surpasses my understanding. I love this picture because I feel all of these qualities of hers coming through the photo, but what I also notice is how fabulous and timeless her style is. All of these items I would wear today. If only she still has those shoes! I love you Nanna, today you are the inspiration for my blog, but you are inspiration in my life everyday and have shaped me in to the woman I am today.


Blogged while watching HGTV, drinking Christmas Wine and eating Brookside blueberry acai dark chocolates.